5 ways your business benefits from a blog

Blogging is an essential way to help your customers understand more about your brand.
Here are some of the benefits of blogging for your business:
1. It creates a more human side to your brand. Whether you’re a food retailer, a healthy consumer brand or a services led organisation, your customers want to know that you are human. Now more than ever, readers want to feel good when they learn about your business, products and services. Think about how brands like Pret a Manger communicate directly with customers via in-store point of sale, packaging and social media in a friendly, informal yet entertaining tone of voice.
2. Having a blog helps your site get found via Google. Google has started to scan blogs as part of its search rankings, so if you don’t have a regularly updated, editorially led blog, there’s more chance you’ll have to pay extra advertising for a high ranking. Don’t think you can just pepper your blog with keywords either as Google rewards quality.
3. A blog helps highlight your strengths. You and your marketing team might know what you’re strengths are, but how and where are you telling those positive stories externally? Brands and businesses now have the ability to be their own publishers. Those not choosing to blog are missing a huge opportunity to generate knowledge and goodwill with target audiences.
4. It amplifies your marketing spend. Whether you’re a large or small organisation, brands are under pressure to milk every last drop of the marketing budget. A blog gives you the chance to broadcast highlight key messages and target specific markets. You just need to provide your readers with regular, insightful and where possible, entertaining comment on your marketplace.
5. Blogs give you full control over content. You create your own publishing platform in addition to other traditional media channels that run with PR and advertising.  This doesn’t mean your blog is one big extension of your advertising, but it does mean you can compelling create stories and posts that tie in with your objectives, key messages and core strengths.

Rachel Clark runs Wrapped PR, a PR + content agency that helps companies offer truly great content, whether on the web, via social, blogs or in the press. She works at a strategic level to diagnose issues and identify opportunities, then shapes content to help deliver your business message. You can find her on Twitter @rachelmclarkpr


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