How to use photography to sell your story

If I had a pound for every time a client asks ‘will this do?’ when they send me their badly lit, badly shot photo from an old office camera, I’d be rich.

A picture tells a thousand words and images shows readers in an instant what the story is (and how professional you are).

With digital photography, there’s no excuse for ugly images getting through the net any more. It won’t do you or your business any favours having bad images on your public social media profiles; Sending poor quality images to media won’t help either, they’ll never get published!
Here are my five top tips on using photography to promote your brand:
1. If you’re planning an event, use a professional editorial photographer. You only have one chance to get good shots and you can’t risk using your friend’s son or a work experience using the office camera. They won’t guarantee you the result you need.
2. When looking for an editorial photographer, just call your local newspaper and ask for their list of freelancers. That way you get a guaranteed endorsement from the picture editors so your image is more likely to get used.
3. On social, don’t be afraid to use CGI images as long as they’re shareable and high quality.
4. Make sure you do a brief of the shots you need. After the event or photo call, ask your photographer to send out the images for your with the accompanying release. This works really well if they’ve worked in the area (and often with and for the newspapers) for a long time.
5. Don’t over brand your images if they’re destined for social media or press, subtlety is key to create credibility and a more editorial feel.
Rachel Clark runs Wrapped PR, a PR + content agency that helps companies offer truly great content, whether on the web, via social, blogs or in the press. She works at a strategic level to diagnose issues and identify opportunities, then shapes content to help deliver your business message. You can find her on Twitter @rachelmclarkpr

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