How to budget for blogger activity

Bloggers are the new influencers when it comes to media targeting. The most successful bloggers have follower bases larger than some national newspapers and the added benefit is that their followers trust them implicitly.

Heres what we’ve learnt from approaching bloggers for our clients:

1. They need paying. Whether it’s free tickets, product, sponsored post payment, travel expenses or longer term sponsorship activity, they can’t do things for free because they are mostly struggling to make money from their blog. Recent research showed that fashion bloggers on average earn ¬£1,116 per year. Enough said.

2. Time is an issue. Bloggers often have a normal job too so whatever content you’re offering needs to be right up their blog street.

3. Successful bloggers have agents. Just like celebrities, if your target blogger has a book out, or has over 500,000 followers, chances are they also have an agent so prices will go up!

4. They receive as many emails as journalists. If you don’t target them properly by researching their interests, type of content and first name, they probably won’t come back to you. We know this because I have a food and travel blog and get countless misguided emails from PRs.

5. They value long term relationships. We all know how brand campaigns go: budget,  target, get coverage by the deadlines and then never be in touch with said blogger again.

7. Bloggers know other bloggers. They love to meet up and talk to their peers, so arrange blogger meet ups alongside your client event, give them another reason to engage with you.


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