How to write copy that sells

Everyone has the potential to be a writer. Writing copy that sells isn’t as hard as everyone makes out.

So how do you transition from your idea of great writing – which might be limited to everyday emails, whatsapps and the occasional birthday card – to creating marketing copy that sells to your customers and clients.

Whenever you start a new writing project, try these five ways to write copy that sells:

Define who you’re writing for.

What type of language and tone of voice does your target customer use? Is it corporate, professional? Or are you talking to mums who need some fun and don’t want to take themselves too seriously? Think customer first.

Get your main message across in the first paragraph.

How is this article or post going to help your reader? What’s in it for them? We’re all time poor so make sure you tell them who, what, where, when, why, how straight up. You can maybe leave the how much til later when you have a warm lead who is ready to buy.

Give a call to action.

What do you want people to do when they’ve read your writing? I usually like people to get in touch, contact or call me. It could be you want them to click on a button for more, you might offer some free content in exchange for their email address so you can build a list.  You might like people to follow you on linked in, twitter or Facebook. Give them a specific action and every piece of writing will be worthwhile.

Be relevant and appropriate – where will your writing be published?

Writing for a news release is different to a new business generating email campaign. Likewise, copywriting for advertising is different to copy for a sales landing page or a tweet. Then there’s blog post writing which is different again.

Always look at how others are communicating and being successful on that platform, then mirror their tone. Even better, once you’ve figured out the rules, break them!

Try to let your written copy feel like a chat with a friend.

Always offer helpful pointers, hints and tips. It’s not all about you selling, it’s all about your customer’s hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations and how you and your business is going to solve their problems.

What are your tips to creating copy for business? Add a comment below and join in the conversation, or tweet me @rachelmclarkpr #copywriting

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