The sales triggers you can use to inspire purchasing

I recently read a stat that we need to get seen 17 times to get our brand recalled or remembered.

Ouch! I know, this goes up and down depending on lots of factors and it can seem totally overwhelming.

I’d counter that it always depends on how relevant, interesting and entertaining your message is to your target customers.

Creating my online course recently (I’ll leave the learnings for another day), I was reminded of the powerful sales triggers you can use to inspire people to take action on your offers. I hope this will be useful for you, too:


It’s no good doing one launch campaign and being seen everywhere, then going totally quiet for months and expecting people to continue to buy from you. 

A consistent campaign includes regular messages across email, social media, traditional media and maybe outdoor and in print. It will ideally be a mixture of paid (ads), earned (PR, word of mouth) and owned (your website, your blog, your store) media too.


Are you targeting the right people? I see clients being advised to waste a shed load of cash on expensive advertising campaigns and creative, when if they were smart about their ideal clients, they could instead invest heavily on social media advertising and influencer campaigns and be highly effective.

This is something I do for my brands – both Wrapped PR and and I see it working well, alongside consistent email campaigns and PR around new client wins. 

Social Proof 

I’ve been in the marketing industry for 20 years and I don’t know a more powerful trigger to inspire people to purchase than social proof. 

This is the basis of PR, of word of mouth and of influencers in the media and on social media. 

We all know when we’re on our Amazon account how we get distracted by the relevant ‘people also bought’ other products that they know we’ll be interested in, based on what we’ve bought. This is social proof in action.

When someone you know, like and trust recommends a product or service to you, it’s so much more effective than an ad from the brand.

Here’s the difference: 

Advertising is all about how good you say you are.

PR is all about how good other people say you are.

Which would you choose? 


As humans, we’re triggered by deadlines. Why should we act now? This is why limited edition product launches work so well and why setting deadlines on your offers will always work better than having something available all the time.

This is just the start of many sales triggers we can use when we’re trying to get noticed and remembered.

Have you used any of these in your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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