Turning business activities into media coverage and referrals

Hands up if you want more new business coming your way?

Do you want to get big name influencers to recommend you over your competition?

Want people that your clients and customers trust to recommend you?

Dream of getting known and noticed in your industry?

Then media coverage is the way to go.

This article is all about how and why to turn your business activities into life changing, referral generating media coverage, PR and publicity.

When you get media coverage for your business, you stop having to over spend on advertising and invest your time instead in growing your reputation with your ideal clients.

I know you’re hearing a lot about how Facebook and Linkedin ads can grow your business right now.

Yet there are some BIG differences between what advertising can offer and what publicity or PR can give your business.

I like to explain it like this…

Advertising is all about you telling everyone how great you are.

PR and media coverage is all about someone else saying how great you are.

Which would you choose – the salesy, pushy way, or the trusted recommendation from a friend way?

According to an LA Times study, editorial PR is x5 more valuable than advertising for awareness, recall and its impact on people’s attitudes.

When you get media coverage and publicity for your business, it’s like setting off a snowball effect.
You get more referrals, people hear good things about you from someone they trust.
When they’re ready to buy, they remember you above all others.

So what makes a good media story?

Clients often tell me they have no interesting news stories in their business. This my friend, is almost never true.

Some ideas for you:

– Trends you’re noticing in your industry.
– A new contract you’ve won.
– A new person hired – get a professional image done and update your local and trade media.
– Can you get a known industry journalist or blogger to visit your business for an update (or you go to them).
– Have you reached a milestone in turnover? Can you talk ££? Even better.
– Maybe you’re planning a charity event? Invite your local media along to cover it.

So what’s one story you can tell the media today? Let me know in the comments.

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