Real estate marketing trends for 2019

In 2019 there will never be so many ways to communicate with your clients. Brexit continues its effects, so this year it’ll be more important than ever to market your way through instability.

Marketing and PR are now a democracy; Social networks are all ours to share. Property leaders who understand what’s available will win the race for awareness, deals and revenue. 

Here’s how to ensure you’re at the top of mind when potential clients need a real estate solution in 2019. 

This post looks at real estate marketing in 2019 and what’s working for successful property business leaders.

Thought leadership now more than ever 

Leaders in growth mode will be more visible, sharing their opinions and market trends through PR and on social media. 

People at the top of these ‘growth mindset’ businesses will understand the value of building trust and a conversation with their stakeholders. Gone are the days of the CEO hiding in the corner office. 

Those who show up regularly online, in the media and on their company blog, will fast track others who hide.

People want to hear your thoughts. Showcase your professional opinions and expertise. Grow your influence on blog posts and social media, as well as in traditional media titles.

Tip: Make sure your blogs and news releases are optimised for search. Ask your agency to give you and your teams training if you’re unsure. It’s easy when you know how. 

Tip: Follow Richard Branson , Guy Kawasaki and Ariana Huffington on Linkedin for great examples of thought leadership.

Video content will grow (again)  

By 2019, online video will be responsible for a massive 80% of internet traffic,according to a Cisco study.

Tip: Ensure you include video in 2019. Whether it’s drone footage of a scheme you have, or a Q&A chat with your dealmakers. 

Video helps you to get seen, remembered and shared on social media. It’ll also get your website indexed in search rankings.

Don’t build your marketing strategy on rented land

Growing your social media following to millions is all very well, but don’t forget you never actually own the space on Linkedin, facebook or twitter. These networks can change their algorithm at any time.

Email is still one of the most powerful and personal ways to market your business and you own your list. 

Your email list isn’t subject to any changes (Facebook’s algorithm change early last year meant reach figures dropped exponentially for brands who weren’t advertising with them). 

Research from Econsultancy shows that email marketing generates around £29billion of retail sales annually. As long as you’re GDPR compliant, make sure you’re growing your email list as a priority in 2019. 

Tip: Make sure you publish first from your own company blog. You can then email your list with your news. Keep it valuable and useful for every piece of content you send.

Track everything with data

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it. Marketers and agencies now have access to stats that will blow you and your board’s mind. 

Do your FD and CEO love a statistic? I’ve never met any who don’t, so make sure you’re tracking website referrals (which sites are sending traffic your way, through google analytics). This way you know what’s working and can quickly reinvest when you get good results and leads.

Tip: Always involve your senior sales and dealmakers in the process. When they understand where leads come in you can reinvest in what works.

Brands that means business will have values

Investing in your brand and aligning it with values helps you appeal to your audience. What does your brand stand for? Are you doing charity work? People want to buy from people with similar values to their own. Do you conduct regular research to ask your customers about both their experiences and their current challenges? 

We all want to feel understood. The more you can understand, the more helpful you can be and inevitably the more deals you can do.

Tip: Define what your company values are. Communicate them across all your marketing, website, design, PR and social media activities.

Try new things and make the most of targeting

Always leave some marketing budget to try new things. Marketing guru and bestselling author Seth Godin says in his latest book, This is Marketing: You can’t be seen until you learn to see, ‘always be testing’. 

Some of these trials will pay off and help you progress faster or more efficiently towards your business goals. 

For example, Linkedin targeted advertising is still relatively cheap. Get laser focused to the job titles, companies and seniority you want to reach and also the locations your ideal customers might be in. 

Tip: Use it wisely now, as costs may start to go up in future. If you’ve never used it before, this image below is how targeted you can be. If you need help, ask your agency. 

Be targeted with your advertising on Linkedin in 2019

Personalisation continues to work

Have a clear idea of who your target customer is before you (or your team) write anything in 2019. 

Research shows that the more personalised you can be with your communication, the more effective it will be. 

According to a recent study of 7,000 people, 57% of consumers are still willing to share personal data in exchange for personalised offers or discounts.

This includes your website copy. Speak to your audience’s specific problems and show ways of how your property firm overcomes them. 

Tip: With clear calls to action (click here for more, get in touch, join our group), your website will work harder for you and generate the leads you seek.

Ensure your website gets found by search engines with a full SEO audit. 

Trust, community and connection will be even more important in 2019.

There’s a lot we can learn from consumer industries, who are benefiting from a rise in membership services, online communities and learning. 

Think of ways you can bring your clients and target clients together next year – whether it’s through events, membership groups, VIP Linkedin groups, email newsletters; we’re all human and like to feel part of a group, especially one that gets limited edition offers, exclusive invitations and previews before the rest of the market. 

Tip: Show your group some love, offer them valuable insights and lessons and they’ll reward you with trust, referrals and a longer business relationship.

Simplicity is king (or queen)

Ever got so bogged down in detail that nothing gets done? 

Property companies that employ a simple marketing and communications strategy across their whole business, that targets a particular group of people, with ways to solve their particular set of problems, repeatedly, will always do better than ones sending out confused, complicated messages to the masses.

Tip: Define your 3 key messages that you want to include in every piece of communication for 2019 (don’t make them all about your product or service, make them about your brand values). Repetition will get you remembered.

Rachel Clark has been working to grow real estate companies and multinational brands for two decades. She currently helps property and retail business owners to grow revenue with strategic communications and digital PR. Rachel runs Wrapped PR in Yorkshire and regularly shares her insights on LinkedIn here.

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