Shiny object syndrome and how to avoid it

Are you feeling like it’s been a whirlwind start to the year? We’ve been busy with media and social media campaigns, as well as LinkedIn coaching.

We even launched this in January (it’s for property leaders, if that’s your thing).

Anyway, I really want to share what I’ve learnt so far this year.

Focusing on your desired business outcomes, not being distracted by the latest shiny marketing object, is always the best way to go.

When clients tell me what they want from marketing and PR, I like to give them that first (obvs, or I get no work!). 

Then, as an experienced consultant, I also share what I believe they actually need.

So, although everyone’s currently asking for the latest shiny marketing objects – whether it’s Facebook ads, national PR coverage or staff Linkedin training, I always ask this question too: 

‘Are you building your email list?’

Are you building an email list to help you communicate directly with your ideal clients?

You see, building your whole marketing strategy on ‘the rented land’ of social media will definitely get you visibility. 

Longer term though, having your own email list of contacts is going to get you seen, heard and remembered. 

Not to sound dramatic, but with email, no change of algorithm on social media can ever take your list away from you.

Why email marketing still works

So although you feel that email may be old hat (it’s not the shiniest and newest), it does still work, so don’t give up on this high performing marketing tactic.

If you already have an email list, or if you’ve been building one, are you actually using it to its full ability? Are you communicating regularly (hey, consistency’s not easy, but I’m trying my best!).

As long as you’re GDPR compliant, i.e. you always get consent (I’ve asked regularly for yours, if you’re not down with these emails you can always unsubscribe below), then don’t be put off by GDPR. 

You can still play by the rules, always getting consent, always offering valuable content to your list. Great email communication is still truly useful for your ideal clients and effective for your business development and profile. 

In fact, email is one of the top three influential sources of information for business to business readers – third only to colleague recommendations and industry thought leaders’ opinions.

Eighty six per cent of professionals prefer communications via email, while a massive 77% of people still prefer permission based promotions via email (more than social media, direct mail, text or phone calls)*.

From copywriting, to headlines and the best (easiest) email software to use, let me know by hitting reply if you’d like help for your business in 2019.


Rachel Clark runs Wrapped PR, a strategic PR and digital communications agency based in Yorkshire, UK. 


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