Increasing footfall and attracting occupiers for retail investment

Broad Street Plaza is a retail and entertainment destination in Halifax city centre. 

The business issue

Investors Palace Capital needed to attract footfall and customers, as well as new occupiers to the scheme.

Our strategy 

After developing new, updated branding, we implemented a ‘value first’ social media approach. 

This ensured customers saw regular offers on facebook, twitter and Instagram. 

We worked closely with retailers like Pizza Express, TGI Fridays, Vue cinemas and Nandos to share their special offers and themes throughout the year.

We also created more sense of community for Broad Street Plaza by liking, commenting and sharing other events across Halifax from stakeholders with high engagement and followers like The Piece Hall and Eureka Museum, as well as with local influencers and bloggers.

A paid advertising plan was also implemented to combat Facebook’s algorithm changes for brand pages.


A new commercial tenant has been found for one of the biggest units at Broad Street Plaza, while impressions for the Broad Street Plaza brand on social media reached 2million. 

New visits to the website also climbed to nearly 250 new users per month from organic search and social media referrals.

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