What are you really selling?

Did you know that marketing has nothing to do with your actual product or service.

Think about Starbucks. Is it really just selling coffee?

No, it’s selling an experience, a lifestyle, a community.

Or how about Tesla? What does having a Tesla say about you?

So think about your business, what does buying your product or service offer to your customers? 

Is it kudos with their friends or business acquaintances? 

At Wrapped PR, we sell Reputation, Reach, Results and Reassurance.

Yes we do communications strategy, copywriting, media relations, blogging and social media, but the four R’s are what we really sell, and these are the benefits that really add true value for our clients.

We’ve been selling these benefits for two decades, but we’ve changed everything in the last five years.

We use the strategies that are working right now.

So whether it’s LinkedIn ads (we’re slightly obsessed with the opportunity there), media coverage, or helping influence your sales online with pepped up SEO copy, we only do what we know will work for you.

We create measurable systems that get results that grow your business.

So here’s your task today; think about the three things (benefits) of your product or service that you really sell.

Then make sure you use them over and over again in your emails, your website, in your news releases and blogs. In fact, repeat them wherever your customer might find you.

Happy serving your customers with actual benefits not just features!

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