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Our clients often ask how to market themselves through changing times, so today we’re sharing the latest tips on marketing your business to success:

1. Forget about the competition. If you’re constantly looking behind you, how are you going to get ahead in the race? There’s a great ebook we read recently called How to win at the sport of business on just this subject. If you love sport this will make absolute sense to you. it’s written by Mark Cuban, who’s on the US version of Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank.

2. Remember what you do best and tell your customers about it. What are the top three things you can do best for your customers? Ours are:

a) Brand strategy

b) Getting brands talked about in the media (including on social media with influencer marketing)

c) Copywriting that sells

We try to focus on these three superpowers and remind clients about them whenever possible, like today!

So, what are your business superpowers and how are you telling your customers about them? Think about emails, blog posts, PR, ads, social media posts, networking and events. The opportunities are endless!

3. Plan for the long term. Think about the trends are happening in your industry and in the wider world. What do your customers care about? How is technology changing where they get information from? Make sure you’re planning ahead so you can create new opportunities, products and services that match trends, needs and desires that you can sense are coming.

We recently came across an amazing tool called Google Trends which shows what people are searching for. Honestly it’s a life changer! Try it for products and services in your industry to see where the opportunities might be.

4. Offer commission and introduction fees. We offer £1000 for successful new business introductions. If your business is online, look at affiliate programmes to incentivise people to talk about you and your brand to their contacts. This works for both service and product based companies. You get paid when you recommend companies and brands you like. It’s win win. If you’d like to know more about how these could work for your business, get in touch.

5. Keep going. It may sound obvious, but there’s nothing like a massive dose of positivity. Business is a long term game so you need to keep a positive mindset to win. In fact, there’s some research out this week that shows how being more positive with your mindset can help keep your brain healthy. What better reason do you need to talk yourself happy?

Do you have other tips you’d like to share on marketing your way to success? Comment below and let us know.

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