Getting known and noticed in 2021

Today’s post was published recently in The Yorkshire Post and details my top 8 tips to growing your revenue (and I know you want to do that)! Just think of it as free advice…

1) Decide what you want to be known for

What three things do you want your business to be known for? Maybe it’s your award winning customer service, it could be your local work with charity or it might be the expert people in your industry. Whenever possible, repeat these messages in every piece of content and marketing you do.

2) Look for the stories in your business

Most small and medium sized companies we work with have news or features value in them somewhere. Does any part of you or your business fit into media hot topics? Can you comment on how Brexit is affecting you? Do you create sustainable or vegan products? Have you recently moved, employed staff or won a new contract? All these angles can create local and even national news stories and content for your business, so remember to use them to your advantage.

3) Choose your social media channels wisely

Not all social media is created equal. Just because you personally love LinkedIn, doesn’t mean your customers are necessarily spending their time on it. If you want to target other business owners, then LinkedIn is a must. However if your ideal customer is a mum or dad who loves fitness and pugs, you’re better off spending your time creating content for Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Younger consumers are spending their time on Snapchat and Instagram. We should also start to see WhatsApp being used more frequently for brand marketing campaigns.

4) Build your own email list

Social media is all very well but at any point an algorithm change can mean you suddenly lose visibility with your followers. Email is still the most effective way to build trust and sell to your customers, so do focus on growing your list away from social media channels. If you’d like more information on using email to grow your business, contact us.

5) Don’t spread your time too thinly

Focusing on one or two social media channels effectively is going to get you better engagement and results than trying to be everywhere.

6) Create relationships with influencers

If you’re a product based business, influencer marketing is the latest buzzword. Look for potential partners in your niche who have a growing following. Offer giveaways to their followers and free product for them in return for reviews and posts.

We’re also seeing affiliate programmes generating good return on investment, as it incentivises social media influencers. If you run a service based company, offer referral fees to key people in your network to spread the word about your business.

7) Be search friendly

Ensure your business is up to date online. There are hundreds of ways to increase your visibility in search and it’s worth talking to an expert to create a bespoke plan for your business needs. In the meantime, make sure your Google business profile (Google My Business) is up to date. To help generate social proof, encourage customers to leave reviews wherever is most relevant (Google, Facebook, Trip Adviser, Trust Pilot are just some examples).

8) Skill up

When you’re growing your business it’s tempting to get experts in to help with the things you don’t understand. We find that clients who have a basic knowledge of today’s marketing landscape can make better decisions for their business and their budgets.

Podcasts are a great way to up level your knowledge quickly and can mean you’re prepared when you’re ready to employ agencies and experts. I believe success leaves clues and podcasts are an excellent way to get behind the scenes of similar businesses doing great things in the world.

Hope these tips are of value to you, I’d love to know your thoughts – drop me a comment below!


Rachel Clark is a Director at Wrapped PR and has been growing brands with PR and social media communications for 20 years. Her experience spans the consumer goods, property, retail and e-commerce industries.You can email her on or find her on twitter and instagram @rachelmclarkpr

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