5 ways to grow your business revenue in 2021

To set off the New Year in style, here are some ‘what’s working now’ ways to promote your business and get more customers and revenue in 2021:

Have an opinion and write about it. Write an article about your marketplace, industry or wider trends affecting your industry. Include any statistics that back up your argument. A high quality image of you and your job title etc. Sell it into your local newspaper or trade titles as an exclusive. Once it’s been published, use it for blog copy and email news content.

Create video content. Using some of the content and your opinions from the article above, do a q&a style video of you being asked questions and answer them on screen. Get someone who understands editing to create it with either iPhone or pro equipment. It doesn’t have to take long. Customers respond to a more human touch and remember people buy people. You can then post the video on YouTube, use it for blogs, email news and on social media snippets.

Upgrade your photography. Is your profile picture out of date? Could you be doing a better job of promoting your products or services if you had better images? Do an audit of what you have then find a pro to get the images you need. Always do a brief to ensure you get the right images from the shoot. 

Build influencer relationships. Whether they’re with journalists on local business press or with influencers on Instagram, who are they top 20 people who have a significant audience with your customers? Research them and resolve to build a relationship ( face to face, social media or email) with them in 2020. Always offer something of value when you approach them like a news release, new product or service news, product for review, or just recruit Wrapped PR i.e. me to do it for you :). You can also find, follow and share content from the above on social media to help.

Get in front of people at events. Networking still works well, especially if you’re the speaker or it’s highly relevant for your customers.

Bonus idea: Manage your mindset and stay positive. Watch what highly effective leaders do and work out ways to model their methods. 

Here’s to your business growth this year,


Director, Wrapped PR

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